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A lot of mobile casinos accept PayPal as a payment and banking method for their players. Many UK targeted casinos by the way. PayPal guarantees that your payments and payouts are safe and easy.

Paypal mobile casinos

PayPal is an online payment system in the form of a digital wallet which allows users to pay for goods and services, or in this case deposits and payouts, online. PayPal begin with an idea of creating a fast and secure payment processing method for online global commerce. The original creators simply wanted to develop a online digital wallet that worked just the same as a customer walking into a store and paying with cash out of their own wallet, only on a digital frontier. To date PayPal has grown to one of the largest online payment methods and is featured across thousands of websites on the web with over 132 million active users regularly using PayPal for payments online in over 193 markets around the world.

Top 2 mobile casinos accepting PayPal

PayPal began very simply in 1998 with the creation of Max Levchin and Peter Thiel’s digital wallets. The original launch of PayPal brought on a focus of using it on PDA devices to have a digital wallet in which users could pay for goods and services directly from their PDA. The great thing about a digital wallet was that it could never be stolen and it could be used to pay for a number of goods and services over the Internet. PayPal continued to develop and eventually made itself available as an e-mail payment method eventually working its way into a partnership with eBay as a payment method for eBay auctions.

As soon as PayPal became available as an eBay auction sales service, PayPal users began to grow exponentially hitting 1 million users in March of 2000. PayPal is eventually acquired by eBay in October of 2002 and begins to ramp up its efforts on security working directly with the FBI and local authorities to conduct investigations in fraud and money transfers throughout the world through their service.

Users can use PayPal for a wide array of purchases today as well as to manage their money and credit cards online. It’s almost rare to not see an e-commerce website that offers some type of Paypal payment support, this is because PayPal is heavily regarded as being one of the most secure methods of payment online because of their involvement in fraud investigations and guarantees for customer safety over their digital wallet domains. A decent mobile casino simply cannot do without this payment system. PayPal is extremely quick to handle fraud investigations and suspicious account activity and because of the trust that users have placed in PayPal it is become the number one digital wallet provider online. Funding a PayPal account can be done with a credit card, with a bank account and in over 25 different currencies. With developments allowing PayPal to be used on mobile devices and tablets, it will be very interesting to see just how the digital wallet system of PayPal developed for the future.